How To Mount Turkey Fan. Use a large knife or wire cutters and cut the backbone freeing the fan. This article will walk you through step by step, from shot to wall, how to make a fan mount of your own.

How To Mount Turkey FanHow To Mount Turkey Fan
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You’re on your way to mount a turkey fan and beard. You can take it to a taxidermist, but if you want to save some money, doing it yourself is a fairly simple process. Before spraying the rear panel, i taped off the area where the glue would be applied.

Something I Typically Do With All My Turkey Fans, I Took The Fan, Mixed Up Some Elmer’s And Water, And Put A Couple Light Coats On The Back And Front Of The Fan By The Base Of The Quills.

Set the back feathers down in front of the tail one layer at a time. See more ideas about turkey mounts, turkey fan, turkey hunting. You can see and follow the line of these feathers and spread them out evenly.

Fine How To Mount A Turkey Fan With Hs Strut.

When it cured, it really made the wing joints very solid and gave me a great plate to drill through for precise mounting. Cameraman hunter flanders shows and explains how to properly remove and prepare a turkey tail fan to dry and mount on a plague. This will dry and preserve the tail fan base, which keeps it from rotting and smelling.

You Can Cheat A Little To Hide Any Imperfections With Some Creative Arranging.

Lay your fan out flat and arrange the tail feathers how you want them. A personal fiscal statement is utilized to obtain appropriate monetary wisdom and education. It will surely bring back memories of the hunt for years to come, and it doesn’t even require a payment plan.

Remember That You Can Never Provide Too Many Feathers But You Can Definitely Not Provide Enough!

So, you've killed a big ol' long beard and you want to mount the fan to a plaque to display for all to see. Typically, hunters save a gobbler's fan, beard, and spurs, but in this video i'll show you how to make a turkey cape mount. Fan mount of a rio/eastern hybrid turkey if you want to save a fan mount like the one shown, here are the basic steps to follow.

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Used a hot glue gun to mount fan and beard then finsih nailed the two plaques together. These are the two that i have done traced an old plaque from a deer my grandfather shot that now hangs in my office then used a 4 inch hole saw to make the center piece and cut another 4 in round piece into quaters to give space for fan and beard. You can take it to a taxidermist, but if you want to save some money, doing it yourself is a fairly simple process.