How To Play Dulcimer Chords. The head should be to your left. To play an a7 you need to have a g in the chord, along with the a, c#, and e.

How To Play Dulcimer ChordsHow To Play Dulcimer Chords
How To Play Dulcimer Chords from

2 > middle finger on the bass string on. How to play dulcimer chords. The head should be to your left.

2 > Middle Finger On The Bass String On.

Cut out the above chord charts and place on your dulcimer when practicing or learning chords how to read dulcimer chords: About playing chords on the dulcimer. How to play dulcimer chords.

1) You Can Play The Dulcimer With Ease By Laying It Flat On Your Lap In A Comfortable Position.

The head should be to your left. 1) you can play the dulcimer with ease by laying it flat on your lap in a comfortable position. This tab file has 3 pages that show mountain dulcimer chords for playing chords while singing and tablature for playing chord/melody style.

To Play An A7 You Need To Have A G In The Chord, Along With The A, C#, And E.

Unless you have a dulcimer setup for four equidistant strings, you can’t play a complete seventh chord, you are always having to omit at least one of the notes.